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3 Ways to Ensure Your Italian Destination Wedding Stands Out From the Masses: Pro Tips for an Endlessly Authentic Affair
When it comes to planning and designing Italian destination weddings, I always like to offer clients guidance for ensuring their wedding is far from cookie-cutter. After all, you’re traveling overseas with your closest friends and family to tie the knot—you might as well go the extra mile to ensure the event experience you create is as bespoke as it is beautiful. Today, then, I’m offering three simple ways to ensure your Italian destination wedding stands out from the masses. Read…
Including Your Pets in Your Italian Destination Wedding:
Everything You Need to Know About Traveling Overseas with Your Four-Legged Friend
If you’re thinking of hosting an Italian destination wedding, you’ll likely want to bring along those who have been most important in your life—and, for many brides and grooms, this includes their pet. But is it even possible to include your pooch in your overseas affair? And, if it is, how, exactly, do you go about handling the logistics? Not to worry, animal-advocates and four-legged-friend-lovers—today, I’m breaking down the basics of including your pet in your destination wedding.    …
5 Pro Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy
So you’re thinking of hosting a destination wedding in Italy? Congrats! As a lifelong local, I happen to think there’s no more romantic—or stunning—setting for a far-away affair than Italy. From our landscape and architecture to our food and, yes, wine (cheers to that!), Italy offers such a wide array of options for those looking to tie the knot in the Bel Paese. It’s also no surprise, however, that planning a destination wedding from afar can often be a complicated…