I believe in merging authentic Italian experiences with curated design details for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind event.

Though my passion for sharing my country with others goes back as far as I can remember, my professional experience with sharing all Italy has to offer with the world began with my background in the tourism industry.
Through my roles as marketing coordinator at the Leading Hotels of the World Milan, the Tour public relations coordinator on Costa Cruises, and as a sales executive at Venice’s 5-star San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort, I gained over a decade of experience developing invaluable industry connections with local suppliers and vendors – all the while sharpening my skills in coordinating logistics and planning unforgettable experiences for foreign clients.

My passion has always been in the event space – in particular, designing intimate events of all kinds – so I eventually made the move to the world of Italian event planning and design, securing training and certifications from the area’s leading industry pros.
To date, I’ve completed five professional Italian wedding and event planning trainings in Milan with one of the most recognized international wedding and event planner and, in Florence, with three of the Italy’s most seasoned wedding pros – as well as an apprenticeship switched in a career with one of Tuscany’s top event planners.
My professional training – coupled with my local connections, industry expertise, and on-the-ground experience – allows me to provide clients with vendors, venues, and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

"A TE"

An experienced event planner with endless local experience.
A lifelong local with an unparalleled passion for Italy.

There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than sharing all the magic Italy has to offer with others. Whether it’s our food, landscape, art, or architecture, I believe Italy is one of the most romantic, robust, and diverse countries in the world – and I’m beyond fortunate that my career allows me to share these incredible local experiences with overseas clients and their guests.
As a lifelong Italy local (I was born in Venice Lido, lived in Venice for 20 years, and then made to the move to charming city of Treviso where I reside today) who’s also travelled the world, I believe there’s no better place to gather, celebrate, and raise your glasses than right here in Italy.

A water lover, sports enthusiast, animal advocate, and weekend roamer.

Just an hour before I was born, my mother was walking on the beach on the natural barrier island of Venice, Venice Lido – which I think sparked a lifelong love for all-things water in me.
From competing in the Italian Swimming Championship to swimming alongside a dolphin cub in the French Polynesia ocean, I feel most at home near beautiful bodies of water.
When I’m not planning Italian destination weddings and events or splashing in the sea, you can find me volunteering at local animal shelters, listening to live music at a concert, strolling around the world with my partner, eating risotto, and exploring artisan and design shops. I also love enjoying a good aperitif (or two) and great dinner with family and friends, playing sports, and spending Saturdays finding serenity at the spa (ohhhhmm).

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